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Today’s Poll: House District 67, Breedlove vs. Van Gorder

John Van Gorder (R, top) and Rep. Steve Breedlove (D)
John Van Gorder (R, top) and Rep. Steve Breedlove (D)

Let’s do one final legislative poll today, mostly because I installed this poll feature and now I have no idea what on earth I’ll do with it once the election is past. Today: Rep. Steve Breedlove (D) and challenger John Van Gorder (R) in the closely watched District 67 race.

We’ve actually covered this race pretty extensively, for some reason, but here are a couple of last minute notes:

A Van Gorder supporter sends along this audio clip of former Gov. Mike Huckabee’s GOTV call in support of Van Gorder:

Click to here Huckabee call for Van Gorder

The incumbent Breedlove, meanwhile, has the support of Gov. Mike Beebe and other state Democratic honchos. I looked for his ads on YouTube and didn’t find anything, so, uh, here’s his website, for the sake of balance.

And now, to the poll:

[poll id=”6″]

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2 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: House District 67, Breedlove vs. Van Gorder

  • Fourche River Rex

    In an attempt to comment on every posting today…mainly to avoid watching election results and exercising, I’ll say that no matter who wins, the folks of House District 67 will have a horribly sounding name to put after the title “Representative”.

  • Cammie Van Gorder

    I can understand all of the garbage about the election and who is better who smeared who the most and on and on but let me say this… There was no reason to attack our family name.


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