9 thoughts on “Tim Griffin: This Simply Has To Stop

  • Arkansas Blogger

    Quick, someone fetch a wooden stake and some garlic.

  • So much for the Griffin Room. Or can he do both? Come on Rex chime in.

  • Bubba from Gurdon

    I hear that Griffin and that French Hill fellow plan to go pheasant hunting next week to discuss which one will actually run.

  • I hear Trevor Drown will give up spamming comments sections across the Internet and take over The Griffin Room.

    The amount of Internet identities he has should quintuple the readership.

    Playbook = FAIL.

  • Fourche River Rex

    What? The Griffin Room shut down? There goes journalism in Arkansas.
    But, I got to say, Tim Griffin is no dummy. If he’s thinking about running, its because someone somewhere has fed him information that makes it look bad. And Tim Griffin carries some baggage. Snyder will make his closeness with Bush an issue in the campagin, but then Griffin will make Snyder look like Barry’s lap dog. And I don’t know if I want to be in a pissing contest on who is more popular; Bush or Obama. Bush might have made us a big old s#%t sandwich, but Obama is force feeding it to us. More importantly, Obama is about as popular in Arkansas as a syphilitic whore at a church social. Bush’s numbers got low in Arkansas but he carried the state handily. The last thing Snyder wants is for this election to be a vote about the national parties. Obama started off suckin the hind tit and has been going south ever since.
    So….if Tim Griffin is looking at it, it means he knows something. He’s no dummy, no matter your opinion of his previous activity. And he has a lot of connections to raise money. Is he the right candidate to win? I don’t know about that. He may have too much baggage to win but I do know that if he’s looking at it, Vic Snyder isn’t happy about it.

  • Br549

    Yes, Rex. Snyder is so worried about Griffin he has broken his careerlong pledge of not raising money until 100 days before election.

    Uh huh.

    I’m gonna say this one more time just in case yall missed it. All Federal and Constitutional incumbents in AR will still be in office come Jan 2011.

  • Fourche River Rex

    BR, so what? I’m not sure I follow. Just because Snyder is keeping a promise, then he’s not worried? Thus, it is okay to break a promise if you feel a threat? Surely you have a better opinion of ole’ Vic than that.
    How, pray tell, do you assume such a broad statement? It isn’t even 2010! You miss the point. If Griffin, whom I predict has more campaign experience than the two of us combined and far more connections, thinks he has a shot in the state’s most liberal district with all his baggage…yeah, then methinks you over estimate your chances. But please, by all means, tell all the Democrats they don’t have to worry, don’t give money and stay at home. Please, please please do that very thing. Be fat and over confident. We like that.


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