4 thoughts on “The Supreme Leader

  • I am sure Sen. Critcher will do a much better job at this than his predecessor sit-in Jerry Jewell.

  • Phillip C. Hayes

    You know, Jason Tolbert, you can take your comments about Sen. Jewell and go straight to hell. I knew Jerry Jewell, he was my uncle, and while flawed like us all, he was a good man. Unfortunately, he passed away from cancer a few years back and his legacy still lives today.

    I don’t know this Sen. Critcher and will not speak ill of him. However, if you didn’t like the things Sen. Jewell said or did back then, you should have had some f*ckin’ balls and told him to his face. Since you didn’t, live with it.

  • David Kinkade

    Yeah, Tolbert! You suck! Boo, Tolbert!


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