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The Return of Arkansas’ Sweetheart

Its like this site just gets sexier by the day.
Clinton: Still dominant in Arkansas. It's like this site just gets sexier by the day.

I guess there’s one political story and one political story only in Arkansas today, and that’s Hillary Clinton’s big homecoming rally in Little Rock on behalf of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

Surely thousands will turn out this afternoon to see Arkansas’ sweetheart choke back her bilious rage at the fact that “it shoulda been me” make the case for why the Illinois senator should be in the White House.

The AP’s Andrew Demillo notes that

It’s the most high-profile wooing of the state’s Democrats since Obama won the nomination in a hard-fought battle with Clinton, who served 12 years as the state’s first lady. It may be their last shot at closing the gap in a state that Obama has mostly ignored and Republicans have touted as a lock for John McCain.

Meanwhile, in the same story, Gov. Mike Beebe weighs in with one of his customary lighter than air analyses:

“Arkansans love to see their candidates,” said Gov. Mike Beebe, who endorsed Clinton during the primaries but backed Obama after she dropped out of the race. “So, it would enhance his chances if he would come. Conversely, if he didn’t come, it doesn’t do as much good.”

Thank you, Governor. A strong statement.

In addition to the rally, there’ll be a big money fundraiser where those with a spare $1,000 in their pockets can lighten their loads.

Altogether, it promises to be a most historic and exciting day for all of Arkansas. I’m a Republican, and even I’m kinda pumped up. It’s infectious. No, seriously, I mean it. I’m more excited than Dwayne Dobbins at a Hannah Montana concert.*

*Too soon? I was assuming that I needed to go ahead and cash in my last Dwayne Dobbins jokes this month before the election. I might not get another chance to use them.
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