The Legislature Is In Session. Yay.

263358_886676895941_1082925949_nToday, the illustrious and magnificent 89th General Assembly convened for the first time. New legislators were sworn in. Tears were shed. Hearts were touched. Taxes raised. Sorry, I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

Okay, but seriously, there’s hopefully some good stuff around the corner. Who knows, maybe tax reform, maybe school choice; maybe some actual solutions our state’s Medicaid crisis? A guy can dream.

In addition to the swearings in, Speaker of the House Davy Carter announced the following committee chairmanships have been awarded:

Revenue and Tax — Rep. Charlie Collins (R)

Education — Rep. James McLean (D)

Insurance and Commerce — Rep. Tommy Wren (D)

Judiciary — Rep. Marshall Wright (D)

Public Health — Rep. John Burris (R)

Agriculture and Economic Development — Rep. Matthew Shepherd (R)

State Agencies — Rep. Andrea Lea (R)

City, County and Local — Rep. David Fielding (D)

Transportation — Rep. Jonathan Barnett (R)

Rules — Rep. Stephanie Malone (R)

Aging, Legislative, Youth — Rep. David Meeks (R)

Joint Retirement — Rep. Allen Kerr (R)

Joint Energy — Rep. David Branscum (R)

So, congrats to all the new chairmen and chairwomen. You’ve got your work cut out for you.

And of course if you haven’t heard, we’ll be doing a lot of on-ground coverage throughout the session here at The Arkansas Project. So keep your eyes peeled and your browsers set to

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