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The Latest Obamacare Scandal Is Brewing Right Here In Arkansas

There’s a new Obamacare scandal brewing, this time right here in Arkansas. Serco, an international firm, has been hired by the federal government to help process Obamacare applications. One of the company’s main operational hubs is located in Rogers, AR.
According to a report by a local news station, relayed by the Washington Free Beacon, some Serco employees are being paid — with your tax dollars — to do nothing:

[Chris] Nagus spoke with employees from a Rogers, Arkansas Serco office. The employees were afraid of retribution so their identities were protected.
Some of the familiar allegations include one man who said he has processed about 40 health insurance applications in six months. Moreover, the Rogers office had a day and night shift to make outbound calls. An unnamed worker told Nagus they are prohibited from calling anyone after 9 and yet are required to stay on the clock until midnight.
“So why even be there until midnight?” Nagus asked.
“I don’t know,” said the Serco employee. “Good question.”
“So they make the calls stop at 9, so from 9 to midnight are the callers kind of bored?” Nagus continued.
“Yeah, there’s nothing going on,” the employee said. He added workers were not allowed to leave early.
The Rogers, Arkansas Serco office is still hiring even though there is little work. Several other anonymous Serco workers told the local media attendance is more important than processing applications, even if there is nothing to do.

According to health reporter Sarah Kliff, Serco — a company that (according to Kliff) specializes in paper pushing, not health care — is receiving $1.2 billion from taxpayers in order to help process Obamacare applications. And if that’s not bad enough bad news for one day, rest assured knowing that Serco gets 90% of their U.S. business from the federal government (read: taxpayers). Rest assured that they’re busy wasting your tax dollars in many other undiscovered ways!
This is not the first time Serco has made the news: last year, the company made international headlines for allegedly charging the British government “tens of millions of pounds” for prisoner-related services that it never provided. And something tells me this won’t be the last time Serco makes the news.

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