The Best of Mailers, The Worst of Mailers

If you’ve ever voted in Arkansas, you’re likely being spammed with enough political mailers to keep a large Afghani family warm for an entire winter. Between political candidates and interest groups, the postal service has been working at hyper-speed — which of course for them is about half as fast as regular people.

As Arkansas’s worst political blogger, many of the more exciting mailers often get sent my way. Most of the time I just snort or gasp, and then move on to more meaningful tasks like playing on Twitter or reading Max Brantley’s blog. But as the election draws near, I’ve decided to share a few of my favorites with you.

Let’s save the best for last — here is the worst political mailer I’ve seen this election cycle:

 I must admit, it was a close call between this mailer and the Barry Hyde clown mailer for the title of “worst.” But just look at that puppy — anyone who could cause harm to such a creature must truly be a moral reprobate.

Now, for the best — check out this mailer from Rep. Stephen Meeks (R-Greenbrier):

Freedom. Liberty. ‘Merica! That’s change I can believe in!

(By the way, you can check out the full “Friends of Freedom” list at AAI’s website.)

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One thought on “The Best of Mailers, The Worst of Mailers

  • November 3, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    The first one definitely seems to lower to the level of the nonsense that both parties and their surrogates have been delivering to my mailbox. But still, as a dog lover, what is or isn’t the truth of the matter?


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