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Tax Foundation: Arkansas #8 For Sales Tax Collections

Arkansas is #8 for sales tax collections
Click for larger version from Tax Foundation

The nonpartisan Tax Foundation is one of our favorite resources for data on state tax policy, especially when you’re looking to see how Arkansas stacks up against other states around the nation.

Now let’s take a look at their latest, which shows state and local sales tax collection per capita, with the good ole Natural State checking in at #8—that’s higher sales tax collections, when adjusted for population size, than perennial “high tax” coastal states like New York and California, even. Also higher than all of our surrounding neighbors with the exception of Tennessee and Louisiana.

This follows the foundation’s report on state sales tax RATES from a couple of weeks back, in which Arkansas checked in at #7.

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3 thoughts on “Tax Foundation: Arkansas #8 For Sales Tax Collections

  • Louisiana looks a tad higher than even Tennessee, but I agree they don’t really count.

    • David Kinkade

      You’re correct, Brad—I misread the Louisiana number when I posted. The text has been corrected. Thanks.

      • Leonard Stern

        I really like this graphic because it shows the burden of regressive sale taxes on the poorest of states. Thanks for posting.


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