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Misusers of Taxpayer Dollars Get Light Punishment

A new report by the Division of Legislative Audit was released today which shows a troubling trend of many elected officials and government employees misusing taxpayer dollars and receiving no greater punishment than a “warning letter” from prosecutors.

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REPORT: Arkansas A ‘Sinkhole’ State

If your wallet feels a little lighter lately, that’s because the state of Arkansas has you on the hook for approximately $2,200.

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Rep. Tiffany Rogers’s Double-Dipping Problem

Service in the state legislature is a part-time job. The yearly compensation is $15,689 (although that doesn’t include per diem

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Fun With Numbers: Let’s Estimate Double-Dipper Artee Williams’ Pension!

Just how much money is Artee Williams, the double-dipping director of the Arkansas Dept. of Workforce Services, pulling down? The Arkansas Project is here to help you figure that out. Let’s go to the retirement calculator!

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‘A Corrupt Practice’: Interview with Allen Kerr on State Retirement Double-Dipping

Arkansas Rep. Allen Kerr talks about the “corrupt practice” of retirement double-dipping by state employees—a practice he hopes to rein in.

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Take Two: A Primer on Double-Dipping Retirement in Arkansas (Updated!)

Here’s what you need to know about double-dipping, when a state employee “retires” and then quickly returns to work in order to collect both a paycheck and a pension: It’s hopelessly corrupt. Read on!

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