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Former U.S. Attorney Tim Griffin, who announced recently that he would not be pursuing a 2010 Senate race but now may be running for Congress against Rep. Mike Ross, because, you  know, why not, has launched a new daily e-mail update, Arkansas Morning.

It’s a political news tipsheet on state and national issues, with a good round-up of headlines from legacy media, blogs, Twitter feeds, etc. Good stuff in there— you should go over here to subscribe. (You can get a taste of recent submissions at Griffin’s blog, The Griffin Room.)

I’m not entirely sure why he’s taken to doing this all of a sudden, but I presume it’s a strategy to harvest e-mail addresses and sell them to spammers. At least that would explain why I suddenly started getting all these e-mail pitches about “Great Deals on Chinese Herbal Viagra!” And to be honest with you, I don’t think this is even real Chinese Herbal Viagra. In fact, now that I look a little closer it appears to be a Flintstones Chewable Vitamin. I can’t believe I ordered $1,200 worth, but truth be told, it was a pretty persuasive e-mail.

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