Stuff From Around Arkansas, October 2

We haven’t done a “Stuff From Around Arkansas” post in a while. So let’s do one of those, eh, and round up a few I hear she's available. things that have been floating around out there the last few days. And incidentally push those horrible Senate candidate photos down the page. Oh, yeah, that’s the stuff.

Big Money: OCD blogger Jason Tolbert has early look at Q3 fundraising numbers for several GOP candidates, including Tim Griffin, Gilbert Baker and Tom Cox. (The Tolbert Report)

Holt On: Former state Sen. Jim Holt may join the GOP primary for U.S. Senate, because, y’know, what’s one more? (AP)

Lincoln Watch: Is this the headline you really want to see if you’re an incumbent Democratic senator in a red state with weak poll numbers? (Politico)

Sales Force: I’ll confess, lottery ticket sale totals are outperforming my expectations. But you’re wondering: Will it last? I don’t know, why the hell are you asking me, I just admitted that I got it wrong the first time, jesus. (AP)

Ancient Chinese Secret: House Speaker Robbie “Robert” Wills takes off on a top secret junket to China. The mission: Negotiate the construction of an underground tunnel from Beijing to the Arkansas Capitol. (Arkansas Times)

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7 thoughts on “Stuff From Around Arkansas, October 2

  • Fourche River Rex

    God, no. No more Jim Holt. Please.

  • I second FRR’s motion

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  • On January 18, 2008 the Northwest Arkansas Times ran an opinion piece by Holt blasting Huckabee and his supporters. Holt accused Huckabee’s followers of not researching what Huckabee’s positions are, and supporting him simply because he is a Christian

  • Why are two term limited Reps going on a mission to China? Come on

  • Robbie Rocks

    Wouldn’t this trip’s purpose contradict Harrelson’s love of the union?

  • Steven

    What was the question?…my train of concentration shifted for some reason…


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