Stuff From Around Arkansas, May 8

Grafty: Feds are investigating two state Health Department employees who may have falsified $42,000 in travel expense reimbursements.  Goodness, if they’d wanted to get rich quick, why didn’t they just start a political blog? (Arkansas News Bureau)

Sunlight: National GOP reformist blog likes ideas from Rep. Dan Greenberg (an Arkansas Project contributor) on government transparency, especially making criminal records of elected officials available online. (The Next Right)

Dog Tired: A couple of days old, but GOP radio ads are targeting Blue Dog Democratic Rep. Marion Berry for being a “lap dog” to the Pelosi-Obama agenda. Buuuuuuurn! (USA Today)

Clean It Up: Meanwhile, enviros are running ads encouraging Democratic Rep. Mike Ross to support “clean energy.” (Politics in Arkansas)

Nuts!: Blogger Zack Stovall thinks I’ve joined the Arkansas Times staff to “spruce up the joint.” Why does everyone assume that I talk like I’m in a 1930’s movie? I mean, I DO talk like that, see, but why do all these palookas just assume it? (Unfamous First Words)

Important Kris Allen News!: I’m just kidding. I’ve decided to declare The Arkansas Project a “Kris Allen Free Zone.” Do join me, won’t you?

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4 thoughts on “Stuff From Around Arkansas, May 8

  • Speaking of Rep’s Ross and Berry and 2010 Congressional races, I’m willing to bet that Snyder will retire and Robbie Wills will run for the empty seat within the near future.

  • David Kinkade

    Well, District2, a week does not pass that I don’t hear some rumored scenario under which Snyder is stepping down, and he’s yet to give any such indication. But I’ll add this one to the list….

  • Okay, I give up…just who is Kris Allen? Is he the guy that’s gonna run against Vic?

  • MonticelloMan

    We need someone to run against Mike Ross in the 4th. Any ideas or is the Republican Party completely dead?


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