Stuff From Around Arkansas, May 27

Text Appeal: Max at the Arkansas Times is all over allegations of rigged voting in last week’s “American Idol” competition won by Arkansan Kris Allen. It’s the first time in recorded history an Arkansas Democrat has expressed interest in allegations of vote fraud. (Arkansas Times)

Temporal: Federal stimulus cash will allow state Dept. of Human Services to hire 112 temporary workers. Raise your hand if you believe those jobs will go away at the end of 2010. Yeah, me neither. (AP)

Going Viral: Prepare to meet thy doom, courtesy of West Nile Virus, which replaces swine flu as our plague of the month. (Arkansas News Bureau)

More Rickrolling: Redstate.org looks at GOP challenger Rick Crawford in Arkansas’ First District. (RedState)

Snake Handler: Democratic Rep. Marion Berry on Obama’s workload: “He’s been killing snakes with both hands since before he got out of the car.” Is that some kind of eastern Arkansas practice I’m not familiar with, or is it just a bunch of folksy concepts that seem to make sense when strung together due to the magic of English syntax? (The Hill)

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4 thoughts on “Stuff From Around Arkansas, May 27

  • Reader Ken

    Don’t get the big head but your blog writing has been taken up a few notches to make your blog required reading
    and believe me that’s hard for a liberal TO ADMIT.

  • Fourche River Rex

    Lordy, Marion. Your countryisms got us all squirmin’ like a maggot in hot ashes. You sound down right mad, all bowed up like a Halloween cat even. You can get glad in the same britches you got mad in. You plumb go around by Aunt Laura’s to get to a point. But still in all, we knew you spoke country since old Heck was a pup.

  • Don’t worry about those 112 jobs. the Turnover rate at DHS will more than take care of it. Shoot, I doubt they will be able to hire 112 before they start quiting. I wish I was kidding. They drop like flies.

  • David Kinkade

    Potentially good point, Nick. Let’s all meet back here in 18 months and see how it turned out!

    And Rex…masterful.


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