Stuff From Around Arkansas, May 26

Sneaky: Blogger Jason Tolbert has a sneak preview of Arkansas GOP’s spiffy new website, slated to launch today. (The Tolbert Report)

Poker Face: No more smiles on Arkansas drivers licenses, the better to combat identity theft. (KARK) Now here comes the Arkansas Times to say that absolutely nothing about that item is true. We’ve been had!

On the Rebound: The AP’s Andrew Demillo on state Republicans’ hopes for a 2010 comeback. (AP)

One More Time: Columnist John Brummett reiterates, Rep. Vic Snyder is running for re-election. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Timing is Everything: Carroll County Republicans land guest speakers for this week’s Lincoln Day dinner: Tim Griffin, who announced last weekend that he won’t run for Senate, and Sen. Kim Hendren, who seriously needs to end his run for Senate. (Harrison Daily Times)

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One thought on “Stuff From Around Arkansas, May 26

  • Will the GOP run someone with a solid voting record?

    Gilbert Baker’s stance that it is okay to fingerprint our children in public school lunch lines just doesn’t sit well with me.

    For those unaware, electronic thumbscanning is happening around the state in various school districts. I have confirmation that it is happening in Bryant, Mayflower, Salem, Jonesboro, Farmington, Conway, and Hot Springs.

    I encourage anyone reading this to ask their kids if they are having their thumbs scanned in the school lunch lines. You may be surprised as every parent of children being scanned I have spoken with was unaware this is going on.


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