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Stuff from Around Arkansas, March 6

Smokescreen: Democratic Rep. Keith Ingram was all for hiking taxes on cigarette smokers when he had to vote on the issue, but now he’s filed a bill to exempt his border town constituents in West Memphis from the higher tax. This guy. (Arkansas General Assembly site)

Seal of Approval: House passes “Max’s Law” sealing info on concealed carry permits. (AP)

Dr. Boom: Feds nab Russellville doc for unregistered possession of hand grenades. So it turns out you’re not supposed to do that. (Arkansas News Bureau)

DOA: Attorney General Dustin McDaniel: “Don’t worry, my much-ballyhooed ethics reform legislation is dead on arrival.” Or is he just trying to make us think that so he’ll look more impressive when it passes?! Intrigue! (AP)

D-OA: Oh, look, the latest issue of my favorite magazine The Oxford American has a thumb-sucking series of articles on race and the South. What a relief! I was afraid they would go with a subject that had been done to death! (Oxford American)

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4 thoughts on “Stuff from Around Arkansas, March 6

  • Fourche River Rex

    Please, please, please, Dan Greenberg or some other Republican representative, file a bill to prohibit West Memphis from having access to that damned Trama Center they used as justification for the tax. Or file a bill to exempt West Little Rock from the tax, as your constituents would like cheaper smokes, too.

    Really, do the people in this state not pay attention to this kind of stuff? Do they not realize this kind of crap happens? Jeeze.

  • Man oh Man

    Taxing cigarettes?


    Allowing the NRA to make the First Amendment its bitch?


  • David Kinkade

    You might consider, Man oh Man, that both those positions align with a generally libertarian outlook on the policy questions at hand.

  • Fourche River Rex

    Man oh man,
    If you don’t like cigarettes, grow the balls to try and outlaw them. The NRA is pretty much up front about what it does and it wins the battles it picks to fight. The Democrats and their ilk are so determined to prohibit any and everything except gay marriage and abortion, but you can’t do it out right so you try sneaky tactics like taxes and filing lawsuits. You can’t win in an outright contest on your ideas and I think that probably bothers you more than that the NRA wins. You can’t win in the mart of ideas.


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