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Stuff From Around Arkansas, March 30

Last Chance: There is but one hope to stop the milk tax heading to Gov. Mike Beebe’s desk for signing. Do the right thing, Mike, and veto this terrible thing. (Americans for Tax Reform)

It’s On Him: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette looks at phenomenon of “pay and run” lobbying, and lawmakers all try to pretend like they’ve never heard of it. Look, I’VE eaten at least one meal paid for by an absentee lobbyist, and I’m a total nobody, so I suspect the practice is much more widespread than they’re letting on. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

Odd Man Out: Lonely Arkansas GOP congressman ISO companionship. Must love dogs, hate Obama budget. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Another Lil Freeman: Occasional Arkansas Project contributor Freeman Hunt had another kid, and we know this from her Twitter feed. Sigh. (Freeman Hunt Twitter page)

Thanks A Lot: Blogging Pat Lynch wants to counter-program April 15 Tea Party tax protests with his own demonstration to show how thankful he is to be given the opportunity to pay lots of taxes. I just wish him a lot of luck with that one. (Lynch at Large)

I Declare Shenanigans: Columnist David Sanders takes a closer look at Democratic Rep. Keith Ingram, who voted for Gov. Beebe’s big cigarette tax hike only to turn around and pass a bill excluding his border town constituents. A diabolical genius, is this Keith Ingram fellow. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Columnist Kane Webb, he does not like all of these filthy words on the blogs, mind you, and he doesn’t mention any names but it’s pretty clear what blog he has in mind….Blake’s Think Tank. A veritable sewer of dirty language over there. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

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5 thoughts on “Stuff From Around Arkansas, March 30

  • DumbArkie

    “…’pay and run’…I’VE eaten at least one meal paid for by an absentee lobbyist, and I’m a total nobody…”

    David, I think you’re confusing that with “dine and dash.” Remember Denny’s last week?

  • David Kinkade

    Keep it down, DumbArkie! The statute of limitations hasn’t expired on that Moons Over My Hammy yet!

  • DumbArkie

    Sorry, you’re right. We don’t wanna get caught or it’ll be the Meat Lover’s Scramble every day!

  • David, it really hurts your mother’s feeling when you eat dinner and leave before the dishes are in the sink. She tries very hard to please you. Who else will cut the crust off of your PBJs?


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