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Stuff From Around Arkansas, March 20

Antique Roadshow: A bunch of old geezers named Clinton, Pryor and Bumpers speak at the Clinton Presidential Center. I’m like you, I’ve never heard of them either. (Political Buzz)

Dead Pool: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette publisher Walter Hussman says “Never surrender” on print news, giving Lance Turner a set-up for zinger of the week: “Hussman’s losing his print-loving base every time he publishes an obit.” (Lance Turner’s Unimaginatively Titled Blog)

Target Practice: Lawmakers taking aim at the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission? Oooh, this could be fun. (Arkansas News Bureau)

A Dog’s Life: Blogging Rep. Mark Martin goes all Legislating 101 with a look at how to read a bill. I might clip and save this post, just in case I ever decide to do something like that. (Off the Marble)

Steady as She Goes: You know, say what you want about Democratic Rep. Vic Snyder, but at least he doesn’t run off like a hysterical posturing ninny every chance he gets. Like most of the rest of the Arkansas congressional delegation. (Arkansas Times)

Call of Duty: Easily excitable nitwit Jason Tolbert thinks I should run for Senate. I was telling Arkansas Project Girlfriend (APG) how funny that would be if I ran a Stephen Colbert-type parody campaign, and she just rolled her eyes. She actually does that a lot when I’m talking. (The Tolbert Report)

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13 thoughts on “Stuff From Around Arkansas, March 20

  • What do you think my chances are with getting Mélissa to move to Arkansas?

    This is the first time since that college backpacking trip that I am glad I took 5 years of French.

    Does the ArProject need a French correspondant??

    that might be my ticket…

  • David Kinkade

    I’m way ahead of you, Br549. In fact, I have an appointment to get fitted for a new beret this afternoon. My old one just looks so dated!

  • And I have long asserted that I could only hope to be as cool as Dustin Neil Diamond!

  • Black Olt

    Ask Beryl Anthony what happened when he turned on Arkansas Hunters with his efforts to mar the Ouachita River on behalf of business interests. The AGFC, while not perfect, is one of the best run entities of its kind in the nation.

    Do not forget that hunting and fishing is a HUGE revenue earner on several different levels for the state of Arkansas: taxes, fees, meals sold, goods sold, gas sold, licenses,hotel rooms sold, positive national and global publicity, etc.

    The AGFC was willing to give some of not all of the proceeds of the natural gas drilling from AGFC lands to the state. Can you imagine the state politicians’ behavior if the roles were reversed?

    The last time I checked, the AGFC was in the black. Our forefathers were wise beyond their years with the passing of the 35th Amendment. Now the current crop of politicos want to get their hands on the proceeds generated by the AGFC. If it ain’t broke; don’t fix it.

  • David, if you run will you seek corporate sponsorship like Colbert did with Doritos? You could get Summers Eve to finance your campaign. Your commercials could all be set with you on a beach walking away from the camera in soft focus.

  • David Kinkade

    Right now I’m working up a package sponsorship deal to be split three ways between Trojan Magnums, Oakley sunglasses and an as-yet-undetermined mass gainer protein powder. But I’ll take your suggestion under advisement.

  • David, I have heard that Jeremy Hutchinson got into body building pretty seriously awhile back. You might ask him for some leads on that mass gainer protein shake sponsor.

  • Have I mentioned how hot Mélissa Theuriau is?

    Oh, and Bill and David–small piece of advice here–those body building shakes?


    I just dont want yall to have to learn the hard way, like I did.

  • Fourche River Rex

    Get Foxey’s, Cupids and the Paper Moon to be your sponsor.

  • Rep Bryan King

    Sen. David Kinkade? Would David be the counter senator to Sen. Al Franken?


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