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Stuff from Around Arkansas, March 10 (Updated!)

Raisin’ the Roof: So it turns out that state officials can’t just decline to accept their pay raises, says Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, so they’ll have to make their stand by taking the dough and then donating it to deserving non-profit causes (*cough*Arkansas Project!*cough*) (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)*

Nothing Better to Do: GOP Rep. Bryan King files bill to prohibit Eureka Springs domestic partnership registry, the most pointless legislative action since the Equal Rights Amendment bill a couple of weeks ago.  (The Tolbert Report)

A Matter of Trustee: Gov. Mike Beebe taps former Sen. David Pryor for UA Board of Trustees, because apparently there’s just no one else. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

Homeward Bound: Blogging GOP Rep. Mark Martin has advice for the home schooling crowd on how to make a difference in the political arena. (Off the Marble)

You’re Doing It Wrong: Ole Max Brantley at the Arkansas Times blog thinks he can compete on my turf when it comes to skin shots, but something has gone horribly, horribly awry. (Arkansas Times)

*UPDATE: So with regard to the first item, my accountant informs me that the fact that The Arkansas Project is “unprofitable” doesn’t make it a “non-profit.” So I think it’s obvious what the problem is here: I need a new accountant.

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2 thoughts on “Stuff from Around Arkansas, March 10 (Updated!)

  • Um, So I really want to kick Brantley in the teeth right now, and you got one coming too for the link to that monstrosity. Not only am I offended, I am repulsed.

    One other thing, How come the HR department at the Capitol is so inept they can’t figure out how to pay people different amounts?

  • David,
    Love ya to death but I don’t want to see any skin of yours or Max….LOL


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