Stuff From Around Arkansas, June 16

Rep. John Boozman: Primary Challengers?
Dems lining up to challenge Rep. John Boozman?

We haven’t done one of these in a couple of days…so let’s do one now!

Primary Colors: Will there be a Democratic primary in the Third District to challenge GOP Rep. John Boozman? Maybe! (Morning News of NWA)

You May Already Have Won: Will top Arkansas lottery slots paying $200K per year go to director’s South Carolina cronies? Probably! (Arkansas News Bureau)

Mayberry Watch: Will former GOP Congressional candidate Andy Mayberry make a run for Arkansas House in District 27? Very likely! (The Tolbert Report)

Dome Sweet Dome: Blogger Blake Rutherford snags super-exclusive interview with Arkansas’s one and only land commissioner, Mark Wilcox, who’s going to run for secretary of state. (Blake’s Think Tank)

Tribute: Sen. Blanche Lincoln introduces resolution honoring victims of jihadist shooter at Little Rock Army recruiting center. (Arkansas News Bureau)

DOA: Unions: Sen. Mark Pryor says your precious card check bill is dead dead dead. (Talk Business)

Indestructible?: Just how are we to evaluate Gov. Mike Beebe’s record on job creation? Columnist David Sanders throws on his green eyeshade and starts to crunch the numbers. (Arkansas News Bureau)

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3 thoughts on “Stuff From Around Arkansas, June 16

  • DumbArkie

    On Beebe’s indestructibility, Sanders quotes the AEDC’s figures of “January 1, 2007 through today, the number of announced jobs (new companies and expansions) is approximately 21,395.” So, I guess we can subtract 300 $12/hour or more jobs from that figure thanks to our Indian friends reneging on their $100,000,000 deal. Was I really the only one who saw this coming?

  • Is it just me or do you get the sense that Blake thinks Pat O’Brien is a goob?

  • I had no idea that Andy Mayberry was so accomplished. Thanks to the Tolbert Report, I now know that he publishes the critically acclaimed “East Ender” newspaper. Move over Wm. Randolph Hearst, here comes Andy!!! He should win and deservedly so!


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