Stuff from Around Arkansas, January 2

A couple of things you may have missed what with the New Year holiday and everything, you party animal:

Erin the Esurance Girl: Aw, don't be like that, baby.
Erin the Esurance Girl: Aw, don't be that way, baby....

The AP’s Top Ten: The Little Rock AP compiles their top ten Arkansas news stories of 2008 list, and for some reason the launch of The Arkansas Project is omitted. It must have come in at number 11; thanks for nothing, Lu Hardin. (AP)

Radio Days: In a selfless act, blogger Jason Tolbert tunes in to Gov. Mike Beebe’s weekly radio news conference and liveblogs it on Twitter, so you don’t have to listen. This is the blogging equivalent of throwing yourself on a grenade, if the grenade were filled with boring, empty platitudes, evasive doublespeak, and limitless self-regard. (Tolbert on Twitter)

Deductible Reasoning: Gov. Mike Beebe appoints a new insurance commissioner and, surprise!, it’s one of his legislative cronies from olden times, Jay Bradford. For a first order of business, I would like to request that the new commissioner look into why Erin the Esurance Girl hasn’t been returning my calls or responding to my e-mails. (Arkansas Times)

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