Stuff from Around Arkansas, January 15

Cruel Intentions: Attorney General Dustin McDaniel launches big push to make animal cruelty a felony. Lawmakers intro bill, then all go out to celebrate with bacon double cheeseburgers. (AP)

Halter: He's a hit!
Halter: He's a hit!

Fight Night: Gov. Mike Beebe expects “huge fight” on cigarette tax hike. Also expecting “huge fight”: Me, when Arkansas Project Girlfriend (APG) reads our cable bill and sees all these pay-per-view movies I ordered. They don’t list the titles on the bill, right? Just, uh, wondering. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Lottery Dreams: Profile of Bill Halter shows how he boldly rewrote the book on being the part-time lieutenant governor of a small southern state and became the single most momentous public figure in Arkansas, and possibly American, history. Can anything stop his rocket-ship to popularity? (Arkansas Times)

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4 thoughts on “Stuff from Around Arkansas, January 15

  • Br549

    So, when I get irritated at my cats can I still tie their tails together?

    And D., why are you ordering pay-per-view?? We know you have internet access. I never have understood those who pay for porn in this day and age.

    Halter-Obama 2012!!

  • David Kinkade

    Who said anything about porn? I didn’t want her to know that I watched “The Notebook” eight times. Oh, I can’t help it, they love each other so much, it just makes me cry!

    I’m sure glad nobody reads these comments. My secret is safe.

    P.S. There’s pornography on the Internet? Why was I not informed?

  • were the union lable

    i like that halter fella bein a card carrin union plumber for 40years an all i hope that boy with run aganst that money gruber bebe or senater lincon. we aint got no real democrats in arkansas other that him?

  • Chuck

    Yeah, making animal cruelty a felony should be a high priority for our esteemed lawmakers, but keeping wife-beating as a misdemeanor seems about right. Meanwhile, our school children continue to perform dismally against other developed nations. Further, the ADG had a story this morning re: the state employees making $100K+, with UA Coach Petrino topping the list at nearly a cool $3 million. Football vs. academics? Hmmmm . . . I wonder where our priorities lie. Heaven forbid Arkansas legislators should try to move Arkansas up to #49.


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