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Stuff from Around Arkansas, January 7

In keeping with the vintage '80s hot women theme of late.
In keeping with the vintage '80s hot women theme of late: Uh, something something top ten in education.

Top Ten: National report ranks Arkansas #10 in education, which I find hard to believe, because all the kids I know are so stupid. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Power Grab: With lottery ascendant, AP declares Lt. Gov. Bill Halter the most powerful man in the state of Arkansas. Pfft, Mike Beebe…what a loser. (AP)

Remember the Alamo: Lawyer for evangelist Tony Alamo, suddenly cognizant of the fact that he’s defending an insane nut-job psycho in a child sex case, decides he may need more time to prepare for the trial. (AP)

Wills on Web: Incoming House Speaker Robert “Robbie” Wills plans to launch a website with the start of the new legislative session next week. But it probably won’t be as good as Majority Leader Steve “Steve” Harrelson’s blog, and so I have every intention of making fun of it mercilessly. (Roby Brock’s Talk Business blog)

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2 thoughts on “Stuff from Around Arkansas, January 7

  • Fourche River Rex

    Number four in teens getting knocked up, number 10 in education. Therefore, logically, for every 2.1 teens pregnent above the pregger teen median, you raise a point in test scores! Who says Britney Spears is bad for this country! Three cheers for Britney and her loins! Hurray! Huzzah! Hurray!


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