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Stuff from Around Arkansas, February 25

Just Because Anyone Can Doesn’t Mean Everyone Should: Why, there’s Attorney General Dustin McDaniel guest blogging at Under the Dome! Worst blog post in history? Worst blog post in history, my friends. (Under the Dome)

Surgin’ General: Blogger Zack Stovall takes Arkansas Surgeon General Joe Thompson down a peg. (Unfamous First Words)

End of an ERA?: Hey, look, the Equal Rights Amendment, last seen fading into irrelevance in the early ’80s, is back and better than ever. I hope this means we can count on similar comebacks for Dexy’s Midnight Runners and movies about teenagers who turn into werewolves. (AP) Here’s Arkansas Project contributor Rep. Dan Greenberg making the case against. (Against the ERA, not werewolves.) (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

Now Cut That Out: Now there’s a bill named for Tolbert? Stop encouraging him! (The Tolbert Report)

Milky Way: Blogger Blake Rutherford and President Martin Sheen join me in decrying the milk tax. (Blake’s Think Tank)

More Tax Shenanigans: Hey, here’s an idea: Let’s raise taxes on liquor and wine next! (KTHV)

Stop the Beatings: Working in the newspaper business  these days must be like getting kicked in the balls every single day, all day. (Arkansas Times)

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3 thoughts on “Stuff from Around Arkansas, February 25

  • Br549

    So many questions

    I don’t know that we are clear on how you feel about the AGs blogging attempt. Perhaps you should clarify?

    And how much DOES a gallon of milk cost these days anyways?

    Will Tolbert stand behind the Gov if the JTTA of 2009 becomes law? Who will run that little camera?

  • If asked, I will definately stand behind the governor and I will still be holding the camera.

  • David Kinkade

    Hmmmm…gallon of milk. I don’t know, maybe $3.50? Four bucks? It’s one of those things that I’m probably going to buy regardless of price, so I usually just grab it and move on.

    And per Lance Turner, it’s not the JTTA. It’s “Jason’s Law” now.


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