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Stuff from Around Arkansas, February 24

A couple of these are a day or two old, but I didn’t want them to slip away unnoticed….

We haven't checked in on this guy in a while.
We haven't checked in on this guy in a while.

Globetrotters: If you have a desire to travel and see the world, you can join the Navy, or maybe just get elected to the Arkansas legislature. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

HuckWatch: Hey, what’s Mike Huckabee up to, aside from his dreadful TV show on FOX News? (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

Prosecute This: So much for that whole “prosecutors should be non-partisan” business that Greenberg was talking up last week. (AP)

Through the Looking Glass: The Arkansas Times’ Max Brantley takes heat from radio callers for posting names and addresses of concealed weapons permit holders on his blog, and The Tolbert Report has the story. So if you’re following this, Tolbert posted on his blog about the experience of listening to Max talk about his blog on the radio. And now I’m linking to THAT. Try to wrap your head around that. (The Tolbert Report)

Unkindest Cuts: If you work at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, you might call before going in today to make sure you still have a job. (Lance Turner’s Unimaginatively Titled Blog)

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3 thoughts on “Stuff from Around Arkansas, February 24

  • Joe Michael P

    Max Brantley has to be the dumbest bastard in Arkansas.

  • Dana D. Berry

    I have the give the former Gov. some props here. Listening to his show on XM last week was so entertaining, I rushed home to view it. His monologue about the “spending” bill – Congressional Relief Action Plan, as he called it – was most entertaining!

  • David Kinkade

    You rushed home to watch it? You’re a trooper, Dana.


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