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Stuff from Around Arkansas, February 2

Robert "Robbie" Wills
House Speaker Robert "Robbie" Wills

Reading List: House Speaker Robert “Robbie” Wills says the lottery bill may be 100 pages long, thereby ensuring that the odds The Arkansas Project would even thinking about reading it are exactly zero. You win this round, Wills. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Doc Hawkins Watch: Columnist David Sanders weighs in on militant anti-smoking crusader Dan “Doc” Hawkins, PhD, Gov. Mike Beebe’s new spokesman on tobacco issues. (Arkansas News Bureau)

High on Life: GOP lawmakers suggest random drug testing for recipients of public assistance in Arkansas. But that doesn’t apply to bloggers, right? What, why am I asking? Oh, uh, no reason. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Crank: Blogging columnist (blogumnist?) John Brummett completes his metamorphosis into the Andy Rooney of Arkansas media. (Brummett’s blog)

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3 thoughts on “Stuff from Around Arkansas, February 2

  • Cameron Bluff

    Mr. ARPro Guy, you are starting to worry me. First, Google declares you an Internet Persona non-grata. Well, that was somewhat understandable, so I moved on.

    Now, however, a startling trend has developed and it is troubling to say the least. Of the photos available on your Blog-page today, there are 16. The breakdown is as follows: Beebe and other Dems (including Hawkins/Thompson) are featured in 7 or almost 44%. Republicans and Hot Girls (and sadly, I had to count Tina Sherman and Channel 7 girl and Cigarette Girl in this category and they were the only qualifiers) were 3 of the photos or just under 19%. Republicans also were in 3 photos (just under 19%), but hells bells, 1 was Rick Calhoun and 2 were Mr. Greenberg (one of which was a well done cartoon)!!! Of the remaining 3 photos, 2 were of ice and one was a “self-gratification” photo. I counted Rutherford where he belonged, strongly in the Dem Photo category.

    Where do you get off Mr. ARPro guy. Your readership, of which I probably comprise 30-40%, are disappointed to the extreme. 44% Democrat features and only 19% Republican and 19% female?

    Exactly what have you done with the scantily-clad Hot Girls? Where is Mitten Girl? Where is Bikini Girl?
    Global Warming hasn’t disappeared (don’t you read that idiot Brumemtt?).

    Enquiring minds want to know.

    By the way, I apologize for coming off like David Sanders or that Hawkins PhD guy and throwing out all those numbers and percentages. But, you should know Mr. ARPro Guy, various entities are currently researching the legal code in all of Obama’s 57 states trying trying to find out of you can be held legally accountable (both civilly & criminally) for your lack of HOT GIRL postings, possibly employing such legal entities as the likes of, e.g., the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU, and/or the HOT GIRL BLOG POSTINGS Project of Boston…

    Keep in mind my intent is to neither vilify nor deomonize you personally…

  • David Kinkade

    This is an interesting statistical breakdown, but given this blog’s history, you may need to define more precisely what you mean by a “self-gratification photo.”

  • Cameron Bluff

    Well, it IS an awfully striking photo for one thing.

    For the other, we can’t really SEE your hands, now can we…


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