Stuff from Around Arkansas, February 19

No Thanks: Fort Smith to President Obama: You can keep your damn terrorist Gitmo detainees, thank you very much, and don’t even think about asking us to put them up. (KFSM)

Sorry, gals, he's taken.
Sorry, gals, he's taken

The Candidate: Blogging Rep. Steve Harrelson kicks off his campaign for Arkansas Senate on KATV’s “Daily Debrief” webcast. (The Tolbert Report)

Young Love: Attorney General Dustin McDaniel went and found himself a bride-to-be in Bobbi Fowler of Jonesboro. (AP) (Photo of the loving couple at The Arkansas Times blog)

Reminder: Hey, now there’s a draft bill for the lottery! Hey, I’ll still be damned if I’m gonna read it or follow this issue at all! (AP)

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10 thoughts on “Stuff from Around Arkansas, February 19

  • Joe Michael P

    I guesss this means McDaniel plans on running for Governor after Beebe.

  • Anyone remember McDaniel’s campaign adds in 2006? He had his wife and daughter in them and he said he’d be fighting for our families. I guess McDaniel likes families so much he wants to have more than one.

  • Joe Michael P

    And his wife divorced him right after the campaign.

    I think she was hotter than the new one…

  • AKA Bryce

    McDaniel’s personal conduct before and after his divorce would have cost a politican in any other state except Arkansas their political career.

  • Br549

    Joe Micheal P- you are a gosh darn psychic. Thats just plum amazing.

    You are predicting that a young Attorney General in Arkansas will run for higher office. Holy splat batman. That there NEWS Kinkade.

  • McDaniel strikes me as the kind of guy who went into politics because he couldn’t get laid without a title.

  • David Kinkade

    That seems to me to be as good a reason as any, Bill.

  • Joe Michael P

    Im sure this will get deleted, but, I have a game for you to play.

    Its called “hide and go “F” yourself. 🙂

  • David, I’m not blaming him. I’m just saying he strikes me as the kind of dude that didn’t get his pecker played with as a teenager.

  • He’s not particularly smart, nor is he a good lawyer, but his Dad is, on both counts, and it was his Dad and his political connections that got him where he is. Like Joe Kennedy, Bobby McDaniel plans to make his son President of the United States.


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