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Stuff from Around Arkansas, February 13 (Updated!)

Does this have anything to do with anything? No. No, it does not. But if you click on it good things will happen.
Does this have anything to do with anything? No. No, it does not. But if you click on it good things will happen.

Yeah, it’s been a little sluggish on The Arkansas Project this week, hasn’t it? Maybe next week will offer better material…

Screwed: Hooray! Gov. Mike Beebe’s stupid cigarette tax thingie passed the Senate. Health care is now solved! (Arkansas News Bureau)

Idea Man: Lt. Gov. Bill Halter says giving legislators control of lottery proceeds is “stupid idea.” Then he had to cut the interview short to get to his Dale Carnegie class. (Arkansas News Bureau)

In the Pipeline: GOP Rep. Jonathan Dismang’s bill to restrict energy companies’ use of eminent domain in Fayetteville shale is killed in committee (Arkansas Business), and I’m only blogging about it because someone sent me a link to this bizarre and terribly crude animated video commentary on the matter. Where does it come from? What does it mean? Make of it what you will.

Smoke Filled Rooms: Sometimes Tolbert is just too weird for words. (The Tolbert Report)


UPDATE: An Arkansas Project reader sends along a note that item #2 above is no longer operative, as the Arkansas News Bureau has corrected the story on Halter to suggest that he thinks the idea that legislators would control lottery proceeds is merely “bad,” and not “stupid.” Glad we cleared that up!

I rubbed my eyes a bit to make sure I hadn’t somehow made a mistake, but yes, the original story had it as “stupid,” as indicated in the shot below from the Southwest Times Record story (as of this writing unchanged). I have no doubt that there were interesting phone calls between the Lt. Governor’s office and the Arkansas News Bureau this morning.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Wow, do you guys like links to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue page. Duly noted.

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7 thoughts on “Stuff from Around Arkansas, February 13 (Updated!)

  • Br549

    Only sometimes?

    BTW, that link almost got me fired this morning. Aresome.

  • Cameron Bluff

    You certainly know how to make up for thinking you had been a little slow. If links like that are the price we have to pay, then be slow David, be very slow.

  • Cornelius

    God bless you, David Kinkade!

  • Kinkade —

    Your photos are making increasingly difficult for me to look at your weblog while on the House floor. A couple of legislators just walked by, saying “WHAT are you looking at?” I said “Hey, I’m reading the weblog. I’m not looking at that picture!” Rep. Dawn C. replied “Yes you are!” It’s my hope that none of this will result in some kind of election-eve campaign scandal.

  • David Kinkade

    You were missed at the LMDS last evening.

    (Oooooh, now everyone wants to know what that is!)

  • Authentic Frontier Gibberish

    I just wanna know when this lottery thingy is gonna happen. Since you repubs screwed the pooch on the economy, my 401k is in the crapper. Winning the lottery is my only hope left. Well, that and Oaklawn- but judging by my results at the track last weekend- that ain’t gonna shake out either.

    So hows about it- whens we gettin the powerball?


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