Stuff from Around Arkansas, Dec. 19

Robbie Wills
Robbie Wills

That’s the Ticket: Arkansas House Speaker Robbie Wills says that Lt. Gov. Bill Halter’s idea to use existing surplus funds to kick-start his lottery scholarship program faces “dwindling support from legislators.” So Halter sent his high school football coach to yell at him. (AP)

Strike Three: Gov. Beebe’s spokesman Matt DeCample’s house is burglarized—for the third time in three years(Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

Children’s Crusade: Report says at-risk kids are not getting the help they need quickly enough from the state Children’s Services Division, but somehow I’M the bad guy for running a sweatshop in my basement staffed entirely with orphans. (Arkansas News Bureau)

I.P. Freely: The AP pushes ahead with an FOI suit to reveal IP addresses of state computers used to edit unflattering Wikipedia entries on former Gov. Mike Huckabee and Gov. Mike Beebe, but judge says ‘no go’ on releasing the info.  Editing Wikipedia entries? Christ, that’s lame. If the AP really wanted to be helpful, they’d sic someone on tracking down those damn Tina Sherman nude cell phone photos that I still can’t find. (AP)

Once again, this is NOT Tina Sherman. Just wanted to be sure that was clear.
Once again, this is NOT Tina Sherman. Just wanted to make sure that was clear.
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4 thoughts on “Stuff from Around Arkansas, Dec. 19

  • LastChance

    Strike three is right- it is more dangerous living in Little Rock Arkansas than New York (The crime indices range 1-10. A higher number corresponds with more crime. Crime rates are based on FBI data.) :

    FBI Crime Rates

    New York, New York
    Violent Crime 6
    Property Crime 5

    Little Rock, Arkansas
    Violent Crime 7
    Property Crime 8

    United States
    Violent Crime 3
    Property Crime 3

  • Thanks for being good to the environment (and my eyes) by recycling that not picture of Tina Sherman.

  • AKA Bryce

    Crime is OUT OF CONTROL in Little Rock. Between Buddy Vilines (D) and Gov. Beebe (D) nothing is being done. Gov Beebe has shown no leadership on this issue. Thats a real shame because a lot of people in the law enforcement community though Gov. Beebe would take some action and get things straight on the state level.

  • It is not only Little Rock folks, I live outside of Fort Smith and HAVE to go to and through there on an irregular basis.
    I dread it!! I have seen open drug sales in convience store lots and see the cops drive by and basically look the other way.
    I know that this scenario is not exclusive to Arkansas, but I moved here about 12 years ago to get away from large city crime and I guess it followed me!


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