Stuff From Around Arkansas, August 13

Top Ten: Democratic polling firm says the Arkansas 2010 Senate race is one of those most likely to flip to Republicans next year. (Public Policy Polling)

Smugglers Blues: Betsey Wright, former chief of staff to Gov. Bill Clinton, faces 51 felony counts for allegedly smuggling prohibited items into a state prison. I don’t know either, man, that’s just what it says. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Kingmaker: Sen. Gilbert Baker sure is meddling around with a lot of potential candidates to challenge Sen. Blanche Lincoln. What’s that all about? asks blogger Jason Tolbert. (The Tolbert Report)

Sales Pitch: Lt. Gov. Bill Halter, champion of the state lottery, says a Sept. 28 start date for Arkansas lottery sales is totally “doable.” Also “totally doable”: Your mom. (Arkansas News Bureau)

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