Stuff From Around Arkansas, April 7

Dead Pool: Was Sen. Blanche Lincoln’s ‘no can do’ announcement on card check a death blow to the union’s beloved bill? Sure, why not, we hardly knew ye, etc. (Politico)

Cut to the Chase: Senate committee to House: “Bah to your tax cuts!” (Arkansas News Bureau)

Former President George H.W. Bush, speaking at UA, encourages young people to take up call to service and Jesus Christ just once could an aging politico say something that isn’t totally banal and conventional in these post-retirement speeches? (Morning News of NWA)

Milk Break: Feisty liberal Fayettevillage Voice blog offers sharp takedown of the Citizens First Congress as a “special interest fraud” for support of milk tax. (Fayettevillage Voice)

Silver Age: New state Silver Alert system will help locate lost and disoriented old people. Incidentally, has anyone seen John Brummett lately? (Arkansas News Bureau)

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3 thoughts on “Stuff From Around Arkansas, April 7

  • Last time I saw him, he was in some far corner of a Beebe McDonald’s eating a Deluxe Big Breakfast while muttering something about “kids these days.

  • By the way, I wanted to spread word about a blog I just made calculating the costs of cuts made in the bonuses of Arkansas National Guardsmen that was made last month(during the AIG bonus fiasco, to pour on irony). I’m getting 17.5 million dollars and counting…


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