Stuff From Around Arkansas, April 29

Arkansas Project publisher David Kinkade models his anti-swine flu suit.
Arkansas Project publisher David Kinkade models his anti-swine flu suit.

Be Prepared: Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe: “C’mon, swine flu, do your worst! We’re ready, see?” Swine flu was last seen traveling up I-30 and nearing the Texarkana border. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Challengers: Arkansas Times says businessman and Huckabee-acolyte Curtis Coleman is gearing up for U.S. Senate run against Sen. Blanche Lincoln. (Arkansas Times)

The Machinist: Attorney General Dustin McDaniel’s up for re-election in 2010, and he’s bringing in the big boys early: Bill Clinton will be helping him at a Little Rock fundraiser on May 7. (AP)

Valorous: Arkansas Times blogger Max Brantley receives high honors from University of Arkansas journalism folks. Self-professed gun nut blogger John Anderson offers a tartly dissenting view.
(Blake’s Think Tank & ARCCA Blog)

Clerical Work: Blogger Jeffrey Heeter says Pulaski County Clerk Pat O’Brien is preparing to announce run for Arkansas Secretary of State. (A Different Kind of Plumber)

Gone In 60 Seconds: Roby Brock has video of his talk with The Tolbert Report blogger about the 2010 Senate race. It’s tagged “60 Seconds with Jason Tolbert,” which it is generally agreed is just about enough Tolbert for anybody. (Talk Business)

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2 thoughts on “Stuff From Around Arkansas, April 29

  • I worried that your suit may be made of impregnated pighide. If that is a case, you are a carrier. Our only real protection would be to allow Texas to secede and then close the border behind them.

  • Cameron Bluff

    Which Texan seceded in impregnating a pig?


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