Stuff From Around Arkansas, April 21

End of the World As We Know It: Columnist David Sanders thankfully chronicles the dying days of the ineffectual and unlamented ARGOCOGLOWARM. Now let us never speak of it again. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Bullseye?: Capitol Hill pub notes that national Republicans are targeting Arkansas Rep. Vic Snyder with robocalls and advertising. (The Hill)

Frosh Pit II: More Capsearch video goodness as they interview freshman Rep. Linda Tyler (D) of Conway. (Capsearch)

Pistol Whipped: Blogger John Anderson at the ARCCA blog considers the potential 2010 Senate candidates and their bona fides on guns. (ARCCA Blog)

Unbeatable: Meanwhile, blogger Blake Rutherford doubles down on his brash prediction that Sen. Blanche Lincoln is “unbeatable” in 2010. (Blake’s Think Tank)

Big Winner: The Arkansas Project scores a free one-year subscription to Arkansas Business on Twitter, so take that, suckers. But now I have to follow publisher Jeff Hankins from now on. Does that still count as a win? (Arkansas Business)

Acid Test: Arkansas school has to close down due to a chemical concern, which incidentally is the exact same reason I had to stop seeing your mom. (Arkansas News Bureau)

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2 thoughts on “Stuff From Around Arkansas, April 21

  • Cameron Bluff

    Mr. ARPro guy, you are far too modest. (Did I actually write that?) If a single pizza guy in NWA can take credit killing a milk tax, you certainly deserve at least 1/2 of the credit for killing the ARCOGLOWARM. If not for you and David Sanders, NOTHING would have been written regarding this absurd gob of nomothetic tomfoolery. Your efforts, and those of Sir Sanders, did the trick. I have no doubts a successful effort by the ARCOGLOWARM would have impaled Arkansans with new taxes and expenses enough to choke a cow.

    Quite frankly, this is nothing to be made light of. Short of bloggers providing forums for guys like you to get the story out, politicians are free to pillage and plunder to their hearts content. The MSM will do nothing to stand in the way. Case in point – the MSM (Brummet, et al especially) love to speak of the wonderful legislative skills and service to the state of Percy Malone. Is there a bigger crook? Did anyone ever think someone would come along to out-Nick old Nick Wilson? Without guys like you, we would be in much worse shape for each and every legislator out there.

    Great job my friend. On to the next issue…

  • David Kinkade

    Ah, Cameron, if I’m modest on this front, it’s because whatever role this blog played in sticking a much-deserved shiv in ARGOCOGLOWARM was quite minimal. All that glory goes to Mr. Sanders.

    And while we’re at it, let’s not forget that it was Arkansas Project commenter CAMERON BLUFF who bequeathed upon us the ARGOCOGLOWARM acronym, thus saving me from having to type “Arkansas Governor’s Commission on Global Warming” repeatedly. There’s a slot in the heavens reserved for you, sir.


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