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Stuff From Around Arkansas, April 2

Photo: Benton County Daily Record
Photo: Benton County Daily Record

Vive La Résistance: These Northwest Arkansas business leaders are valiantly fighting union-backed card check legislation, their only weapons a single tri-fold educational brochure and an Orwellian projection of Arkansas Chamber of Commerce chief Randy Zook. (Benton County Daily Record)

Ha ha, everybody hates ARGOCOGLOWARM and their stupid climate change bills. (AP)

Rights Ruckus: House panel OKs states’ rights resolution, which will apparently be the signal achievement of the House GOP caucus in this session. Tremendous. (AP)

Arms and the Man: Blogger John Anderson wants to know, “Are you hoarding ammo?” Oh, my God, he got hold of my “advice for young journalists” notes for my Saturday SPJ presentation! (ARCCA Blog)

AsaWatch: Here’s an article that mentions my old boss Asa Hutchinson (see lines 11-12), but I have no idea what it’s about because I don’t speak this language, which appears to be some kind of mystical demon tongue not of this realm. (Deutsche Welle)

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4 thoughts on “Stuff From Around Arkansas, April 2

  • DumbArkie

    It’s Turkish and I’m a little rusty, but it appears that they believe him to be some type of god. Either that or they think he has rather large ear lobes.

  • David Kinkade

    I am not familiar with this “Tur-Kish” language you claim to recognize, DumbArkie, which rather leads me to believe that you just completely made it up to look smart. In fact, I looked in the atlas and there’s not even a country named “Turkishia,” so stow it.

  • DumbArkie

    I emailed my friends in Turkishia and this is what they sent back. Their English be not to the good.

    “U.S. Undersecretary of the Ministry of Internal Security Asa Hutchinson in his description, the security measures, passengers traveling to the hard work they have targeted to increase gold noted.”

  • Anytime I can use the word “Orwellian” it means its a red letter day.


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