Stuff From Around Arkansas, April 13

Checkmate: Ha ha, Sen. Blanche Lincoln just thought she was gonna get that card check monkey off her back. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Meme-Watch: Meanwhile, here’s the AP’s Andrew Demillo with the latest entry in the “Is Blanche Lincoln in trouble?” meme-stakes. (AP)

The Next Generation: The Duggar family’s empire building continues—first grandchild is on the way. (AP)

Cup o’ Tea: The City Wire details a Fort Smith Tea Party tax protest demonstration scheduled for April 15. (Fort Smith)

Just Let It Go: Oh, for God’s sake. Does anyone who didn’t actually work at the Arkansas Gazette, which closed 18 YEARS AGO, still care? Seriously? (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

Fever Pitch: Look who else has caught the digital fever! Columnist David Sanders republishes some of his recent Twitter activity in his Sunday space, in what is easily the most devastating argument we’ve seen yet against Twitter as a channel for delivering meaningful content. (Arkansas News Bureau)

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2 thoughts on “Stuff From Around Arkansas, April 13

  • Fourche River Rex

    I believe I was the first to point out the Duggar plan and my observation only had derision heaped upon it. But now, thanks to the Huffington Post (a publication of noted reputability and even-headedness), we see the truth. Soon the Duggars will have a mighty army with which to conquer us all and declare the United States of Duggarica.

    I, for one, would like to welcome our new Duggarian overlords and point out that while I did notice and publish their plan, I did not do so with any malice or ill intent. I hope that his most excellent Lordship, Jim Bob, would grant favor to me for my sagacity. I pray that he clearly sees my abilities can serve his highness well. If his highness is uncertain of my abilities, I would like to point out to his Lordship that I was always able to solve the mysteries presented by “Scooby Doo, Where Are You?” long before those meddling kids removed the mask from Cranky Old Mr. Sweeny, who lost his job as Ferris Wheel operator when the funpark was shutdown. I knew his skullduggery well and called him for the jackanape he was. I can bring these skills to you, Lord Jim Bob.

    Lord Jim Bob, I can be your Velma if you will let me. I swear my allegiance to the Duggarian Dynasty and to you. Though I am not your son, nor you my sire, I will love you like the son you never had…if only you would let me. Please sir, let me serve you and your most fruitful loins.

    Huzzah for Lord Jim Bob the First! Hurray! Huzzah!


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