Stuff From Around Arkansas, April 1

Milky Way: Milk board member claims “Beebe lied, the milk tax died.” Drama! Whatever, we’ll take it, because this was a terrible idea. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

Tax Revolt: Wha’, lawmakers revolting against their Sun God Gov. Mike Beebe on taxes? Say it ain’t so, Roby Brock! (Talk Business)

Pistol-Whipped: A compromise on Max’s Law? (AP)

Delta Dawn: Sen. Blanche Lincoln talks to Delta Farm Press about agriculture, Cuba, bail-outs, the 2010 campaign and more. (Delta Farm Press)

Casino Boogie: Some casino deal approved for the ballot and it all just sounds sleazy. That’s all you need to know. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Not So Much: You might think that a story that talks about “teen tanning” in the headline would be especially sexy, but you’d be wrong, you pervert. (KARK)

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