Stuff Around Arkansas, August 10

Committee On Un-American Activities: First, Sen. Blanche Lincoln calls Obamacare protesters “un-American”; now Congressional Democratic leaders use same epithet to attack doubters in USA Today op-ed. K. Ryan James is flabbergasted that Dems think this is a good idea. (K. Ryan James Blog)

Hyperlocal: Former Benton Courier editor Whit Jones launches Inside Saline, online news venture for Saline County area. (Inside Saline)

Snake Oil: Ernie P. is still selling his state lottery snake oil, today to the Political Animals Club in Northwest Arkansas, and Christopher Spencer at Ozarks Unbound offers a full multi-media report from the scene. (Ozarks Unbound)

Meet The Candidates: The Tolbert Report interviews Republican candidate for state Senate Rep. Dan Greenberg, who will face former Rep. Jeremy Hutchinson in a GOP primary for Senate District 22. (The Tolbert Report)

Call to Action: State GOP calls on ‘double-dipping’ elected officials to resign from office. (Arkansas Times)

Globetrotter: Democratic Rep. Mike Ross among members of Congress who enjoyed a super lavish world travel package to study global warming, a trip that included snorkeling, fireworks, cable car rides and more. Basically, more fun than you’ve had in your entire life, all together, he got in one trip. (Wall Street Journal)

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2 thoughts on “Stuff Around Arkansas, August 10

  • Cameron Bluff

    “Government would instead create a public insurance option to enter the marketplace and, as the idea goes, engender competitive efficiencies in a more vibrant private sector, in the way the Post Office presumably makes FedEx and UPS better.”

    At the risk of being labeled Un-American, I still have to comment on the quotation above. This is taken from John Brummett’ lastes opinion piece. I have to ask, is he seriously touting the US Post Office as an entity which will “engender competitive efficiencies” in anything? This bloated government waste of taxpayer money which is currently expected to be somwhere in the range of $8,000,000,000 in the red at the end of the year? Claiming competition from the Post Office could cause anything to be better is absurd to the point of almost total disbelief. Only a true diehard liberal could believe government control would make any program run efficiently and reduce costs…but to use the US Post Office as an example is laughable.

    Actually, the more I think about it, on one hand he is probably correct. Government run healthcare is already a fiasco with Medicare and VA Healthcare as two prime examples. Corruption is rife, poor medical qualty in government medical facilities is commonly documented (Walter Reed, HIV exposures due to unclean medical instruments, etc.) and of course, let’s not forget the latest example of government management, the famous “Cash for Clunkers” program. Therefore, competition from Obama-care will likely make the current insurance system we have todday look extremely cost efficient and desirable.

    80% of us have insurance, 10% of us who don’t either don’t want it, don’t want it badly to pay for it, or their guardians don’t want it for some reason, and none of us want it to be given to illegal aliens regardless.

    We probably should be appreciative of Brummett for actually making the case for Obama-care to just go away. You see, medical care will greatly mimic the US Post Office and the Cash for Clunkers program from the start. And, that is just the good news.

  • AKA Bryce

    I love to see that about Rep Ross. Remember when he made such a big deal about Jay Dickey having a summer home in Michigan?


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