Stanley Reed Now Thinks He Might Like To Be A U.S. Senator, Too, Maybe, and Maybe Bill Halter, Too. Maybe.


Do you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and think, “Hey, I should run for the U.S. Senate!”? If not, you are evidently among the minority of Arkansans.

So go ahead and add former Arkansas Farm Bureau godfather Stanley Reed to the list of Republicans who might, just might, want to challenge embattled Democratic U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln in 2010. He says he’s weighing the race after earlier saying he would not run, says columnist David Sanders, because Reed now sees Lincoln as being weighed down by the Democratic agenda. Buuuuurn!

Meanwhile, the wearisome “Bill Halter Might Challenge Lincoln in a Primary!” rumor continues to float around.  Look, either get in the damn race or clearly state you won’t run. Sheesh, this guy.

Yeah, I’ve updated The List.

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6 thoughts on “Stanley Reed Now Thinks He Might Like To Be A U.S. Senator, Too, Maybe, and Maybe Bill Halter, Too. Maybe.

  • Harold M.

    Personally, I think we have enough anounced Republicans who want to run against Blanche. I’d rather see Mr. Reed run against Marion Berry and free us in the 1st district from a 100 years of Democrat oppression. The problem is Mother Teresa couldn’t win in this district as a Republican.


  • But isn’t Mr Reed a RINO?

  • Bubba from Gurdon

    Based on that picture you posted Kinkade, I can see why Republicans are lining up behind this guy. He just looks so lifelike and full of vigor. He may very well run a campaign that rivals that of Fred Thompson in 2008.

    Or he may support Blanche – either way.

  • HolyGuano

    I liked the occasional girl in bikini photos better.

  • HangOnSnoopy

    Mr. Reed did not vote for the largest tax increase in Arkansas history or pull a Willie Horton.

  • Fourche River Rex

    It’s Sloopy, not Snoopy. Snoopy is a dog on Charlie Brown. Sloopy was a girl singer that inspired the song by the McCoys, but be that as it may…


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