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It Got Better For John Cooper

neil noteThe preliminary results for the Jonesboro state senate primary suggest that John Cooper received just a few more votes than Dan Sullivan for the Republican nomination. Each of them received around 37% of the Republican vote and will take each other on in the Republican runoff. Radius Baker and Steve Rockwell will do the same in the Democratic runoff.
Chad Niell’s contributions to this race will be remembered as well. Early in the race, Niell wrote Cooper a personal note suggesting that Cooper had low poll numbers, adding “Hope it gets better for you.” Some, but not all, of Niell’s hopes were realized: in a field of three, Niell placed third.

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2 thoughts on “It Got Better For John Cooper

  • Chad Niell

    Must be nice to just make up stuff about whatever you want. Go look at the voting records and see how many Democrats voted for John Cooper because they know that is who will be the easiest to beat. This letter is a farce and was never sent to John Copper by me. More of his attempts at publicity and false campaigning, the only thing he had to run on. And that can be proved unlike your fake pictures and false accusations.
    I had the decency to invite John Cooper to my office and inform him I was thinking about running for the Senate seat, not against him but with him. His response? “If I had any idea you were going to do that I would not have ran Chad, but it would be embarrassing for me to go back and run for the house seat now that I have made the commitment. How about you don’t announce and let me run and I will only serve this term out and then support you? I just ran to keep Jon Hubbard from running because he is my best friend and I knew he was thinking about running and knew he would not run against me.” Good ole John Cooper, say anything and do anything to get elected. While I believe John is a conservative, no more so than I am, I will not support a man with no integrity. There is much more to this meeting than this and if John wants to dispute it I will take a lie detector test if he will agree to do the same. I can get that set up real quick. Yes, I placed third and have no regrets. Never ran a race before and had little name recognition. In spite of Cooper’s constant lie’s and blogs like this and Nick Horton who was less than forthright about my position on the private option I managed to do quite well. I have a lot to be thankful for and I will be working to promote conservative causes and helping introduce legislation this next session to reduce gov’t regulations, taxes and reduce welfare roles. I’m easy to get it touch with If you want to have a civil conversation.


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