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Sides Square Off on Terrible Milk Tax

Rob Moritz at the Politics in Arkansas blog notes some opposition to the milk tax from the Arkansas Hospitality Association, which is calling on its members to stand up in opposition to this terrible terrible idea. The milk tax is on the Senate Agriculture Committee’s agenda today (link opens in PDF file).

On the flip side, Democratic Rep. Johnny Hoyt is circulating a letter to House members reporting that the Arkansas Association of School Administrators is supporting his proposal. Text below:

March 16, 2009

Dear Fellow House Members:

The Arkansas Association of School Administrators at their Legislative meeting Wednesday, March 11, 2009 voted to support HB1451 and SB934. It was discussed and determined that the association needed to support the milk producers of Arkansans to help ensure continued production and to provide for future cost savings to its school lunch programs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me personally.  I look forward to discussing this issue with you.

Johnny Hoyt
State Representative
District 60

I look forward to hearing Rep. Hoyt’s explanation for how raising the wholesale price of milk will reduce costs in his crazy topsy-turvy world.

Last week, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel suggested in an opinion that the tax may not be constitutional. Meanwhile, the Arkansas Project has been harping on this issue for months like a lonely voice in the wilderness.

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One thought on “Sides Square Off on Terrible Milk Tax

  • Brett Hooton

    So if I understand Representative Hoyt correctly…in order to ensure cost savings, we need to raise taxes. Well Hot Diggity Dog I have an idea. Let’s raise taxes on all agri products, cars, gas, other food and misc. items. Think of all of the money we’ll save in the future by ensuring the manufactures’ their profit margin by simply paying more in taxes. I think we need a slogan…something like “Pay More Taxes Save More Money.” I realize creativity in slogan development is not a skill I possess.


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