Senator Bocephus?: Hank Jr. Eyes Senate Run

Hank Williams, Jr.
The gentleman from Tennessee

This has nothing to do with Arkansas politics or media or anything, but there is a segment of the Arkansas Project readership who will want to know (Bill from Sheridan, I’m looking in your direction) that Hank Williams, Jr. says he’s planning to run for U.S. Senate in Tennessee in 2010, according to this CMT report.

What, you don’t get all your political news from CMT? Loser.

Update: Bill from East End notes that there’s no Senate race in Tennessee until at least 2012, so I’m not sure where the hell I got that wacky “in 2010” idea.

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7 thoughts on “Senator Bocephus?: Hank Jr. Eyes Senate Run

  • I can’t wait for his political songs on the campaign trail..

    “All my Rowdy Friends Have Gone to Congress”

    “A Senator Can Survive”

    “Conservative Bent and Washington Bound”

    “Family Traditional Values”

    Oh, the list could go on and on….

  • Joe Michael P

    thats no worse, and probably better than al franken.

  • Bill from Sheridan

    Hank Sr. be praised! I’m going to apply for a job. I’m not kidding.

  • An embarrasment of Palin proportions.

  • Bill from East End

    Am I the only one who noticed that there isn’t a U.S. Senate race scheduled for 2010 in Tennessee? Also, I didn’t see that Williams specified a year, just that he’d be running in the next election.

    Alexander was just reelected this year and Corker was elected two years ago. The next election will be Corker in 2012 and Alexander in 2016. Am I missing something here?

  • Fourche River Rex

    Oh, I soooo hope this happens. Hank, Jr. is a demi-god of some sort. The only thing that could compare to Hank in the Senate would be when Davy Crockett was in the House.
    First, he won’t take off his shades and hat because he got so banged up falling off the mountain back when. Second, he wrote a song called “OD’ed in Denver” about the time that he OD’ed in Denver. There are no skeletons in Hank’s closet as he’s turned them all into songs.
    Third, will he sing “If the South Woulda Won We’d Had it Made”? as a sittng Senator? Would he ban all the cars made in “China”?
    Hell, let’s run Hank for President! I’m all for it. Put Jerry Jeff Walker on as his running mate. They could be the “Hairy Assed Hill Billy’s” ticket.
    God, I miss good country music.

  • That’s all funny; but you know, Jr. (like most of those “outlaws”) were kind of liberal (almost liberal, I should say) back when they hung with Marshall Tucker and Skynyrd singing stuff like Saturday Night Special, American Way, etc.

    He, like the others, went the way of libertarians because it was easier to make a buck by waving a rebel flag than crafting lyrics that deal constructively with social issues that trouble their fans. He’s now just an excellent symbol of rural Americans who vote against themselves for social/religious non-issues–crying about trials of a working man but voting for exactly the things that keep the working man from getting ahead under the flag of individualism–shooting themselves in the foot with the NRA stuff for example. See “working man songs” on youtube for examples.

    There was recently a show honoring the guy and he was flopping around the stage like a coked up clown. I’ll send money to his campaign because it could mean Arkansas moves up in rank (in everything good), if only relatively, if this happens to TN.

    That’s too much information on a trivial issue but, like River Rex, I miss good country. Country music lyrics are like 6th-grade-level sociological case studies–simple but telling.


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