See How Much Obamacare Has Increased Your Premiums

Obamacare Increase 259The Manhattan Institute has released a new tool that will allow Americans to see how much the disastrous Obamacare law has increased their health insurance premiums.
The new interactive map, available for free on MI’s website, allows users to search by clicking on their home state and county, or by entering their zip code. The nationwide map is also color-coded to indicate which states have seen the highest spikes in health insurance premiums. Arkansas is in the priciest tier of states — that is, we live in one of the states that have seen premiums jump over 80%.
For someone like me — a roughly 27-year old male in Faulkner County, AR — premiums have skyrocketed, on average, by 259%:
Screenshot 2014-06-30 09.54.29
Visit Manhattan Institute’s website to find the rates for your area.

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