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Sanders Turns Spotlight on Arkansas

While the entire world breathlessly awaits the next twist and turn in the presidential race (lipstick on a pig! McCain doesn’t Twitter!), columnist David Sanders turns his eye to Arkansas to assess elected officials here. Remember those guys? Among the findings:

Does Gov. Mike Beebe’s managerial style include communicating with state agencies? A frustrated Sanders source in state government says “not so much.” (Earlier this year, we learned that Beebe had eliminated Cabinet meetings from the governor’s agenda.)

Sanders credits Lt. Gov. Bill Halter for standing by his guns on the lottery initiative, and reports that anti-lottery forces are “testing a few ideas as they gear up to take on Halter’s lottery proposal.” “Testing?” “Gearing up”? As early voting starts in a little over a month, they might want to get moving on that.

As Attorney General Dustin McDaniel wades into the minefield of illegal immigration, will he provoke a significant response from immigration restrictionists? (It’s a good test case for my earlier “illegal immigration is waning as a political issue” hypothesis.)

Read the whole thing.

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