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Sanders: Snyder Staying Put

Singleton and Snyder: He says he's in for '10
Singleton and Snyder: He says he's in for '10.

Columnist David Sanders dares to tackle an abiding dream of many Arkansas Republicans: That Democratic Rep. Vic Snyder of Arkansas’ Second District is really, really about to retire. Most recently, this wishful thinking scenario has revolved around the fact that Snyder and his wife, Betsy Singleton, welcomed a set of newborn triplets into their household earlier this month.

It ain’t happening, Sanders says. He hears from a Snyder mouthpiece that the congressman plans to run again in 2010, which occasions a thoughtful reflection from the columnist on juggling careers and raising small children:

Parenting is hard work. Either separated or together, my wife and I have a wonderful partnership that works well for all involved and, frankly, we don’t need anyone to suggest how we ought to run our family.

It is remarkably presumptuous for anyone to propose that Mr. Snyder as a newly sworn-in member of the four kid club couldn’t continue to do his job as a member of Congress.

Read the whole thing.

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One thought on “Sanders: Snyder Staying Put

  • According to the Left, wasn’t Sarah Palin supposed to stay home because she has kids? Oh, wait. I guess the cutoff is four kids. Palin has five. Yeah, that must be it. Sure…has to be. There wouldn’t be a double standard coming from the Left. No sir. Not a chance.


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