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Sanders: More on ARGOCOGLOWARM

In a Sunday column, David Sanders continues his exploration of the Arkansas Global Warming Commission (ARGOCOGLOWARM) and urges legislators to pursue the question of why the consulting firm that steered the commission failed to follow the law that established the ARGOCOGLOWARM:

The law states that it is “imperative that Arkansas study the scientific data, literature, and research on global warming to determine whether global warming is an immediate threat to the citizens in the State of Arkansas.”

What was mandated by law didn’t happen and, frankly, couldn’t have happened under the structure CCS set up for the commission.

Meanwhile, a confused John Brummett misheard the conversation about “global warming” and thought we were talking about “globe awarding,” and so he chimes in with an irrelevant blog post about the Golden Globes Awards ceremony.

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2 thoughts on “Sanders: More on ARGOCOGLOWARM

  • Okay, I just read Brummett’s “article” about the Golden Globe Awards because you, David, put that stupid link there (I’ve started clicking on all your links ever since the GGW link.) Anyway, where do I go to demand the 37 seconds of my life back that it took me to read it?

  • Cameron Bluff

    The global warming freaks were acutally pretty smart in revising their main orgazational name to reflect “Climate Change” versus simple “Global Warming.”

    In reading the various reports regarding “climate change” from around the Globe, one can’t help but be somewhat surprised at the number of reports indicating an apparent Global Temperature Mellowing Out of a sorts. Why, Pravda, for what it is worth, is already predicting a coming ice age. One can’t remain in the anti business unless one has something to be anti. Therefore, change the name from Global Warming, as in anti-global warming, to Climate Change, as in anti-climate change.

    I am curious about one thing: Since we need to quit creating greenhouse gasses to prevent global warming, will we now be forced to burn more coal, drive fuel guzzling Hummers, feed our cattle and hogs more broccoli and beans and whatever else it is that induces animal farts (Pedigree Premium Sirloin Chunks works well with my Lab.) so that we can generate sufficient pollution to prevent the coming ice age? I am just saying…


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