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Sanders: Lincoln Is Not Vulnerable

Standing athwart the tide of recent headlines declaring Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln to be vulnerable in her race for a third term, columnist David Sanders says, “No way.” Sanders writes that Lincoln is in a strong position due to savvy positioning on key issues and the lack of a compelling GOP challenge:

If a well-off Republican willing to invest a significant portion of his or her wealth in a race or a Republican with a compelling personal narrative emerged, or if the political climate becomes toxic for incumbent Democrats, then Mrs. Lincoln could have a tough race on her hands, but those prospects don’t seem likely right now.

The whole Sanders column is here. The Arkansas Project has chronicled the emergence of the “Lincoln in Trouble” meme over recent weeks.

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5 thoughts on “Sanders: Lincoln Is Not Vulnerable

  • Maybe David is right. Blanche really is great. Blanche, Blanche, Blanche. And what a cool name….

  • She “gets it.” She grew up in a truly southern farming family (i.e., “planters” and some of the genuinely nicest people you’d ever want to know),went to public high school just after integration of the schools (when most who could afford not to, didn’t), and is well-educated. She is gracious, genteel, attractive, and very smart (always was). And she is sincere. And she’s a democrat from Phillips county. She is not vulnerable. No way.

  • paying thru the nose

    I’ll vote for anyone opposing an incumbent Arkansas senator or representative.

  • Freedomwarrior

    Lincoln is a typical “FREE LUNCH” Democrat. She must go now!!

    Unless you people still think that your not smart enough to run your own life, LOL?

  • Not saying I’d vote for her, but she will win by a 2:1 margin.


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