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Sanders: Independent Minded

Sanders on McCain: Independents Day?
Sanders on McCain: Independents' Day?

Arkansas News Bureau columnist/radio host/TV personality/one-man media empire David Sanders is back on the presidential race and notes that John McCain is gaining ground among independents. He looks at recent polling information that looks good for McCain’s chances with the coveted swing voter sector, and examines how we got here (hint: Sarah Palin helps McCain).

But the question is: Will it last? And never mind the national polling—what about the electoral votes? Over to you, Blake Rutherford!

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5 thoughts on “Sanders: Independent Minded

  • Arkansas Traveler

    Sanders doesn’t blog, but he wrote a good column today.

  • Jeff Smithpeters

    Meanwhile Palin’s favorables are going down as if weighed with ballast and her unfavorables are going up at eight times the rate of Obama’s national polling numbers.

  • David Kinkade

    So…the diabolical Professor Smithpeters…we meet again.

    If you think you can goad The Arkansas Project into despair over something so fuzzy as fave/unfaves, you are incorrect. We’re all about the electoral math over here, and I’m pleased with where things stand at the moment. It doesn’t mean I won’t despair if the electoral projections start shifting Obama’s way (I’m the pessimistic sort), but for now, I like the way the electoral map is shaping up.

  • AKA Bryce

    Mr. Kinkade,

    It seems as though you and I have had conversation along these lines in the past. I hope you realize we are not good a predicting the outcome of elections….

  • David Kinkade

    Oh, I’m steering clear of any predictions in a race this fluid. We’ve 48 days to go, and any number of things can happen between now and then. But I’m cheerier about McCain’s chances than I was, say, three months ago, with the usual caveats.


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