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Rumor-Mongering: Primary Challenge for Halter? (Updated!)

Tyler, Denton. Oh, look, Blake Rutherford decided to talk about something besides his love of Twitter and the death throes of newspapers for once. Blake’s Think Tank blog is reporting that Democrat Tyler Denton is weighing a primary challenge to Lt. Gov. Bill Halter. Based on Blake’s information, it appears that Denton is currently employed as a sound check roadie for U2, so this would be a significant step down in actual responsibility.

Pfft. I’m not even convinced this guy is real. “Tyler Denton.” It’s like he’s just stringing together names of random towns in Texas. Hey, I can do it, too: “Dallas Lubbock” is planning a run for attorney general! “Austin San Antonio” is thinking about running for Congress! Whatever.

UPDATE: Actually, now that I think about it, I wish my name was “Austin San Antonio.” There’s just no way a guy with a name like that wouldn’t be getting laid all the time.

UPDATE: Oh my God, it’s true!

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8 thoughts on “Rumor-Mongering: Primary Challenge for Halter? (Updated!)

  • DumbArkie

    Kinkade, I served with Austin San Antonio: I knew Austin San Antonio; Austin San Antonio was a friend of mine. Kinkade, you’re no Austin San Antonio.

    (Today, on this greatest of all days, you may refer to me as Dumb O’Arkie.)

  • DumbArkie

    Also, if he wants to win in Arkansas, Tyler Denton should’ve picked a name like Hardy Carlisle or Colt Choctaw. Better yet, just plain ol’ Bull Shoals.

    Good idea to stay away from names like Bald Knob Biggers, Bruno De Queen, Hector Rector, and Bella Vista Beaver.

    And Fifty Six Stamps would just be stupid.

  • At the end of a long day, I come to you… for you make me laugh (sometimes–sometimes you are a bit depressing–let’s shoot for more of the first.)

    Fifty six stamps–I like that name. We could pick these as our sign in names. You’ll know if they start popping up that you started something.

  • Fourche River Rex

    I’m changing my name to Blueball Steve.

  • DumbArkie

    Gee Rex,

    Keepin’ it to Arkansas town names, I thought you would have picked, uh, I dunno, maybe somethin’ like…Bearden Beaver.

  • David Kinkade

    Wait, wait! I wanna play, too. OK, let’s see, funny names from Arkansas towns uh…Tim CONWAY! Hm, no that’s not very good. How about….Lee GREENWOOD? No, that’s not very good either. Uh, let’s see…Bill CLINTON? BRYANT Gumbel? Christie BRINKLEY? HARRISON Ford? Bob HOPE? Barbi BENTON?

    F–k it, this is a stupid game.


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