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Robbie Wills Would Like to Be Your Congressperson Now

Arkansas Rep. Robbie “Robert” Wills, the supreme leader of the Arkansas House of Representatives, announced today that he’s jumping in to the race to succeed retiring Democratic Rep. Vic Snyder in Congress.

Wills is the second Democrat to announce for the seat—state Sen. Joyce Elliott said last week that she’s running for the Second District seat as well. Three Republicans — Tim Griffin, David Meeks and Scott Wallace — are slugging it out in a primary on the GOP side, and by all accounts the Democratic field is only expected to grow.

Word on the street is that Wills is looking at recent successful campaigns for ways to distinguish himself as the front runner. In fact, he’s been closely studying the Massachussetts Senate race last week for tips on how Republican Scott Brown pulled a shocker upset over Democrat Martha Coakley, and doing everything he can to replicate the Brown playbook:

Robbie Wills: candidate, family man, naked person
Some say the media-loving Wills is overexposed. I'm now inclined to agree.
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12 thoughts on “Robbie Wills Would Like to Be Your Congressperson Now

  • Bubba in Gurdon

    A semi-nude photo spread? Looks like old Robbie has been reading the Trevor Drown playbook too.

  • AKA Bryce

    Ogh you got me.

  • David,
    That is just not right. Not right at all.

    With that said,the good thing about Wills running for Congress is we won’t have to see him on KTHV on Mondays. They seemed to be violating the equal time provision anyway.

    Quick, we need different pictures to erase the one you just put in my mind.

  • interested observer

    The most important question to be asked of Robbie and Joyce and every other Democrat running for Congress in Arkansas is “Will YOU vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House–Yes or No?”

    To look at America in 2006, Just before the Democrats took over and made Pelosi the Speaker, and today you see a very sad reality of America heading for Decline, perhaps for the first time in our history.

    So Robbie, Yes or No, will you vote for Pelosi for Speaker?

  • Perry County Pete

    The thing I don’t get is that he seems to be ashamed of his filing status as a Democrat. There is one tiny campaign sign at the top of his website that indicates he is a “Democrat for Congress”. I can’t find the word “democrat” anywhere else on the site.

    I also don’t get it that he has said nothing about his stance on pretty much anything facing the nation right now. Maybe he thinks now isn’t the time, but at some point he’s going to have to let us know where he stands on the issues.

    I fear that Mr. Wills may be a career politician which is exactly what we do NOT need more of in Washington at this time.

  • Cameron Bluff

    And think, at one time we could turn to the webpages of The Arkansas Project and enjoy this or that young bikini-clad darling. Apparently this is what TAP has sunk to now. Is David even running TAP anymore? Did he come back after his recent extended absence or has some liberal Democratic taken over the reins in his absentia? This is akin to FRR sipping Earl Grey tea from a demitasse cup with his little pinkie sticking out, reading the style section in Sunday’s New York Times; akin to Bubba from Gurdon kicking posting on Facebook his favorite things are puppies, bubble baths, and long walks on the beach with Nancy Pelosi; akin to Perry County Pete divorcing the Yak Lady and taking up with Barney Frank (though Yak and Frank do look similar).

    Enough with this. We want the old David, Scottish bastard that he is, back with the warts and all. Anything beats photos like this…

    Decent Photoshop work though. I can see you have been practicing.

  • Observer


  • Fourche River Rex

    Cameron! I’m the one married to the Yak lady, who is double first cousins with Bo Jack and Pete’s wife Betty Sue Thelma Louise. Our wives are Shake, Spot and Jelly’s nieces and sisters to Fluke’s third wife. They were raised up in Dog Henry Holler. Pete still makes shine up on the old home place. You should have this down by now.

  • Yeah, I can’t believe you aren’t able to keep these relationships straight, Cameron. It’s all laid out right here in the Perry County Peerage. And by “laid out right here” I mean “sketched out on the back of this paper placemat from Shoney’s.”

  • There is so much wrong with a Wills candidacy- how about story in today’s DG- Wills made big deal in November about presenting amendment to the rules of the house that representatives can not take donations during the fiscal session, but now he changes it (thru his minion rules chair) to … only those representatives seeking re election to their house seat. Oh, so that won’t include him? Imagine that.

  • I placed a response on Mr. Willis website to a comment he made that he was elected to keep us safe (in regards to the seatbelt law). I corrected him by stating that the number one job of all our elected officials is to keep us FREE. If they keep us safe and not free, then he and the others were not doing their job. The page and the comment was deleted.


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