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Rex Nelson Now Has A Blog, Too

Rex Nelson
Rex Nelson

I had to drive to Fort Smith and back today, for some reason, so I didn’t get the chance earlier to note that Arkansas guy Rex Nelson, former Mike Huckabee spokesman and Delta Regional Authority honcho (among other things), has a new blog to chronicle his many enthusiasms. Here’s a taste:

I am almost 50 and not having to beg any naked 18-year-olds for quotes. Not yet anyway.

That may or may not be a representative selection. Anyway, there was a big shindig tonight at the Whitewater Tavern in Little Rock to kick this venture off, and I was there. What, you weren’t cool enough to get invited to the blog launch party? Well, I’ll leave you to yourself to think about that for a while.

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4 thoughts on “Rex Nelson Now Has A Blog, Too

  • You didn’t mention that AP Girlfriend was there as well and was much more charming than you. You also didn’t mention that your pal Blake was there along with the future Mrs. Thinktank. Thanks for coming by. God you drank a lot and ate all the BBQ.

  • P.S. Let’s get Southern Fried added to that blog roll.

  • Gosh, Nemo, I usually require more than a single post for a blog to be included on the prestigious Arkansas Project blogroll. But I suppose I’m willing to relax that requirement in this case, since you all bought beer.

    And let that be lesson to the rest of you: Buying my drinks=Substantial relaxation of my standards. Call me, ladies!

  • james c ford


    I was one of Coach Carpenter’s offensive linemen. He was the offensive line coach and head coach when I was at Henderson. I started for him from 1972 – 1976. I feel that I have earned the right to talk about him. We all had nicknames (me included )and he was a helluva man and a helluva of a coach. As I grow older, I realize how lucky I was to play for him. P.S. we who played for him never called him Sporty! We called him Coach Carpenter or “Sportman”!


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