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Rep. Womack’s Bills

As part of an ongoing TAP series, we are looking at the legislation introduced by members of the Arkansas congressional delegation. Today, the legislation sponsored by Rep.

Steve Womack, representing the state’s Third Congressional District, is under examination.

Here are the 6 bills he has sponsored during this congressional session:

  • HR 4633 – to allow individuals who are eligible for higher education financial assistance from the Department of Defense (in general, this means veterans) to use that money to pay for licensing and certification programs that are not offered by higher education institutions. In essence, this would give veterans greater flexibility to pay for education programs that would allow them to obtain occupational licenses or certification.
  • HR 1373 — to prohibit the Department of Energy and the Southwestern and Western Area Power Administrations from using eminent domain to expand or update electricity transmission infrastructure unless the governor and public utilities commissioner in the affected states agreed as well as the head of any Indian tribes affected.
  • House Joint Resolution 61 – to amend the Constitution to allow Congress to pass a law that would prohibit flag burning and other physical desecration of the flag.
  • House Concurrent Resolution 10 – to recognize the strategic importance of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.
  • House Resolution 638 – to recognize the Aviation Cadet Museum in Eureka Springs as the national aviation cadet museum of the United States.
  • House Concurrent Resolution 128 – to establish the congressional budget for the next fiscal year.

The last bill, House Concurrent Resolution 128, is a product of Rep. Womack’s chairmanship of the House Budget Committee. This is a powerful position that has a major influence over the direction of federal spending. It is tasked with producing a budget every year that Congress will follow when appropriate spending. Of course, in recent years Congress has a poor track record of actually passing that budget resolution.

Tomorrow we’ll finish up this series by looking into Rep.

Bruce Westerman’s bills.

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